Auto-Tune SQL/MX Plan Analysis and Tuning Plugin

Auto-Tune SQL/MX Plan Analysis and Tuning Plugin

Current version: 1.5.0

We are now in production. You can download the software and try it for a limited time. Don’t forget to keep up to date to get all the latest features.

Product Overview

SQL/MX Auto-Tune is a plug-in created by Nexbridge Inc. for ECLIPSE that helps developers and database analysts evaluate SQL execution plans specified in C++, COBOL, and Java code. With it, you can analyze existing plans, try out new plans, and evaluate the effects of CONTROL QUERY DEFAULTS on statements in your code.

Auto-Tune maintains a history of your evaluations, so you can go back in time and see what changed in your plans.

Auto-Tune View
View of an ECLIPSE workspace with Auto-Tune

Key Features and Benefits

  • Explain plan comparisons, including graphical comparisons of multiple statements.
  • History of plan assessments.
  • Support for embedded statements.
  • Support for SQL statements in quoted strings (Java).
  • Heuristics for automatically finding beneficial CONTROL QUERY DEFAULTS.
  • Wrap an SQL statement with the CONTROL QUERY DEFAULT used as part of tuning.
  • Automatically download JDBC Type 4 Driver.

Installation Instructions for Auto-Tune in ECLIPSE Juno:

  1. Start ECLIPSE
  2. Open the Help/Install New Software... menu
  3. Add an Update Site with the URL:
  4. Open the site and select the Auto-Tune product under Development Tools.
  5. If you want to perform analysis on Java code using JDBC, including custom queries in Spring and Hibernate, also select the Auto-Tune Java Connector under JDT Connectors.
  6. Click on Install.
  7. Once ECLIPSE restarts, either:
    • Use the New… Other… SQL/MX Auto-Tune JDBC/MX Connection wizard to perform the initial setup; or
    • Open Windows/Preferences and select SQL/MX Auto-Tune to set up your server connection.
  8. Once ECLIPSE restarts, open your source code, then right-click and select the Explain Selection command to obtain SQL/MX Explain Plans.

Auto-Tune is a commercial product subject to license conditions. You must have a valid up-to-date and paid-for license to use Auto-Tune. Terms and conditions apply. Auto-Tune licenses are available either for workstation or by bulk licensing. For volume discounts, product data sheets, and quotes, please contact your Nexbridge sales representative. To purchase a license, you must supply an Email address and valid MAC address on your workstation. This information will be used for licensing only. Once we have verified your purchase, we will send a license key to you via email.

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