Pathway Plug-In

Pathway TS/MP and ACS Manager for ECLIPSE

Current version: 1.8.0

Product Overview

The Pathway Monitor for ECLIPSE allows developers and operators to work collaboratively with Pathway TS/MP 2.x and ACS Domains in a friendly rich client environment. This plug-in leverages SSH and challenge-response technology to ensure that all interactions are secure.

Data Sheet


Key Features and Benefits

  • Creates, modifies, and manages server classes in ECLIPSE GUI editors.
  • Explorer for any available EXPAND node, PATHMON, and Domains.
  • Dynamic, sortable status views for system monitoring.
  • SSH communications for all TCP/IP traffic.
  • Stores specifications in XML to allow sharing and deployment via SCM solutions.
  • Separation of duties between environment specification and server classes.
  • Audit and validation of Pathway configurations.
  • Server Class Templates for derived and inherited values.
  • Computed Server Class attribute values using TACL syntax scripts.
  • Supports packaging of definitions in Development, and use by Operations.
  • Creates and populates PATHMON environments.
  • Wizards for PATHMON and Server Class creation.
  • Simple installation with without any SUPER, FUP LICENSE, inetd, or LISTNER requirements.
  • Available server-side licensing
  • Available as a both plug-in and RCP application.