ViewSys Monitor

ViewSys for ECLIPSE

Current version: 1.5.0

Product Overview

The ViewSys Monitor for ECLIPSE provides a simple, light-weight monitor for NonStop nodes. Running over TCP/IP and SSH, this plug-in consumes virtually no CPU and minimal communications. Multiple nodes can be monitored at once right inside the familiar ECLIPSE workbench. This plug-in leverages SSH and challenge-response technology to ensure that all monitoring is secure.

Data Sheet

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight.
  • Inexpensive to own, operate, and deploy.
  • Separate TACL and terminal emulation not needed for monitoring.
  • Dynamic, sortable status views for system monitoring.
  • SSH communications for all TCP/IP traffic.
  • Node definition import/export for easy setup.
  • Available server-side licensing.

This product has other capabilities as well. Make sure you discuss these with your Nexbridge representative.