Continuity In The Small

Extreme Availability is about making your business systems cope with anything the world can throw at it.

Change, malware, physical damage, simple errors, and staffing are the biggest risks to any company, but you can’t just live in fear in a concrete box.

We are a preeminent consultancy in the NonStop™ world of extremely available systems with proven practices that work for banks, phone companies, and energy providers. Our proven track record spans industries and continents. We are now bringing our experience home to GTA (Greater Toronto Area) small businesses at a fraction of the cost to what mega-corporations have to invest in a way that is cost effective and that you can manage for yourself.

Some believe that our biggest risks are asteroids, terrorist attacks, or war. That’s just hype to scare you. We don’t and won’t do that. In reality, the risks seem minor, and they happen all the time: computer bugs, power outages, critical equipment failure, communications going down, and loss of staff. It is critical as a business owner that you understand and plan for these real risks.

We have a simple process for helping you:

Assess We identify your risks
Recommend We show you how you can reduce your risk through small and affordable changes that can be easily implemented by your team.
Test We check your business systems to make sure you are protected by running exercises and simulations of real-world failures.
Techniques, Training, Tools We provide you with the tools and techniques to protect yourself so that you can monitor your company’s technology health and recover at any time.

We hope you will give us the chance to meet with you to discuss the real cost of your risk and how we can affordably help you protect your business from failure. Going out of business is not an option.

The Cloud can’t help you, if you can’t get to it.

To have one of our analysts call you to discuss your needs and to book and assessment, please fill out the form below. On-site assessments are currently only available in the GTA and immediately surrounding areas and are subject to scheduling availability.

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