Welcome to the main Nexbridge web site. This page will serve as your portal for information about our products, services, and blogs.

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We are also very pleased to announce NSGit for GUARDIAN – a Git front-end that enables management of GUARDIAN personality components using the World-Renouned Git SCM product.

Helping our customers improve their businesses with our expert advice since 1999:

  • Highly Available Business Processes
  • Development Methodology Improvements
  • High Performance and Availability Application Architectures
  • 100K TPS Communication Layers
  • SQL/MX Design and Performance Analysis
  • Modern Workstation Development Technology
    • NSDEE
    • Enterprise Toolkit
    • Visual Inspect, gdb, jdb
  • Porting Services to NonStop OSS
  • Benchmark Project Management
  • ECLIPSE Plug-in Development and Automation
  • Custom Device Emulation Development