NSGit – GUARDIAN front-end for Git

Nexbridge is pleased to partner with comForte to announce the release 1.6 of NSGit, a GUARDIAN-aware front end for the massively popular git SCM product. This release includes support for J-Series, L-series, and V-series HPE NonStop Servers.

News on the Jenkins Front!

The official NSGit-Jenkins plugin now runs in both Local and Controller/Agent configurations. This means you can coordinate your NSGit-based application builds and deployments with  jobs on other systems. Even better, pipelines and freestyle projects are supported. The NSIngot variant of this plugin works seamlessly with any SSH-based CI/CD system to make integrating even easier.

News on the ECLIPSE Front!

The NSGit ECLIPSE Plugin has also been updated with loads of new tools to help manage your NSGit metadata and synchronize your work between ECLIPSE/NSDEE and your GUARDIAN and/or OSS working directories. Coming in 1.6.810 is automatic integration with GMAKE and GUARDIAN compiler error parsers.

NSGit 1.6.811 is Available!

NSGit 1.6.811 has hit the streets. This is a mandatory release that we encourage all users to install. There is a fix to a SCUP problem which you might need to pick up. 1.6.811 comes packaged with GMAKE 4.3n7 – for your convenience – NSGit builds your code even faster than 4.3n6 and with finer granularity than other build systems on NonStop. It would probably outperform even your home-built scripts.

Coming Soon: NSGit 1.6.812

NSGit 1.6.812 is about to be released. It contains a number of manageability improvements including improved security management, SSH enhanced handling, RCS-style keyword support, and a significant reduction in the environment size load to configure NSGit and git. Expect this release around the end of June 2021.


The NSGit 1.6.800 has been updated in January 2021. NSGit 1.6.808 provides major functional upgrades and integrations across the NSGit product line, including updates for ECLIPSE and Jenkins, allowing most commands to be run from either GUARDIAN or OSS, allowing much easier out-of-the-box scripting and integration with DevOps tools such as Jenkins and Ansible and SSH-based pipeline scripting systems.

Standard Features

NSGit includes support for features including:

  • git for GUARDIAN;
  • Unstructured file types, including code 101 and code 180 source files;
  • Unstructured object files, including code 100, code 700, code 800 object files, TACLSEGF files and more;
  • Structured file types, including DDL Dictionaries, Key-Sequenced files, Relative Files, and Entry-Sequenced files;
  • SCOBOL POBJ files, with separate versioning of individual program objects;
  • File name mapping, so you can work with the same files with extensions in OSS and NSDEE and without in GUARDIAN;
  • Hierarchy mapping, so complex products like BASE24 can be managed across multiple sub-volumes within a hierarchy of folders in one or more Git repositories.
  • GUARDIAN metadata support to allow fine-tuned control of critical attributes including extent sizes and alternate key file specifications.
  • Release building and integrity control of object image folders for OSS and GUARDIAN.
  • Full suport for the JGit engine as an alternative to standard git.
  • EDIT/VS and TEDIT integration for commits and merge messages.
  • Object and Data File difference engine
  • Advanced dependency management for build and deployment – contact us for details
  • Extensive support for submodules and worktrees (New!)

NSGit is both a source management system, as you would expect from git, and a release management system that can help you build final installable release products that include GUARDIAN file system components in a truly distributed fashion.

NSGit has come very powerful capabilities to manage BASE24, Connex, and other complex applications, including:

  • Integrated RPQ management processes.
  • Automatic build script customization for each user/clone via full integration with git clean/smudge filters.
  • Compatible with ACIMAKE build structures so you build only what you need to build.

Current Versions

J-Series: 1.6.811.0

L-Series: 1.6.811.0

V-Series: 1.6.811.0

Purchasing Information

Nexbridge is pleased to partner with comForte for world-wide distribution and sales of NSGit products and services. Your local comForte representative can help you with licensing and purchasing arrangements. Email nsgit@comforte.com or contact comForte for more information.

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