FSMon for git and NSGit

FSMon – the Nexbridge File System Monitor – persistently watches over your system to automatically notify your team whenever changes are made.  No more worrying about waiting until a developer uses git or NSGit to have changes reviewed and accepted or rejected.  No more wondering how long a hacker has had access to your operating system to insert malware.  

How does we do this? FSMon automatically drives both NSGit and git to detect changes.  FSMon even sends critical events to the Event Management System (EMS) on NonStop Servers describing the files that were modified.

With any software OR operating system change, notifications can automatically go to your team, using whatever EMS-based notification infrastructure you like to use.  Now your team has the ability to quickly investigate change alerts flagged by FSMon and act if those changes are not planned or expected.

Standard Features

  • FSMon supports both git and NSGit repositories
  • Monitors application and system code
  • True NonStop process pair in OSS
  • Integrates with EMS (Event Management System)
  • Configurable monitoring schedules
  • CLI for managing the FSMON process.

Current Versions




Purchasing Information

Please contact your Nexbridge representative or email sales@nexbridge.com or +1.416.984.9826 to find out more about FSMon for Git and NSGit by Nexbridge. Annual license and maintenance fees per host apply.

All information is subject to change.

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