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Auto-Tune R1.6 is in Progress

We are currently putting the finishing touches on Auto-Tune R1.6. When it is released, we will give you one month of free time and updates so that you can enjoy trying the new C++ capabilities.

Biggest news in this release? Dynamic SQL support for C and C++. You will be able to scan some of your strings for SQL statements and get plans without having to cut and paste into mxci.

Welcome to 2015 NonStop Customers and Partners

As we look at 2015, we cannot help but see x86 chips in the crystal bowl. And those will be a really interesting challenge for us all. How are we going to refit all of our development, QA, and production systems with copies of our new infrastructure? Or are we? It turns out that virtually all of your current native Itanium code will build and run on the x86 platform. That is good, right? Absolutely. It means you can keep developing at a breakneck pace – no waiting, no stalling, this is NonStop people – and then when your x86 machines show up, switch the build settings in ECLIPSE over to the new target and get right into integration testing. But wait, what if you are not in ECLIPSE yet?

Fortunately, you have some pretty awesome partners out there to help with this effort, including us. This includes people who know how to migrate off of code 100 compilers to workstation development including, yes, BASE24. We know, because we are one of them. We have been building ECLIPSE-based solutions for NonStop since 2004.

But the question came up a few months back: Whyever did you pick NonStop, of all platforms? Interesting but long story. A shorter one would be: Why did you stay with NonStop? That is a good one. Thanks for asking. NonStop represents the Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) a class of systems that is the future of Big Data. Without architectures like ours, we could not possibly hope to deal with the imminent BrontoBytes of data that are headed our way. The multi-core per logical processor structure further affords a strong measure of reliability for extended-mission-critical applications. Most imporant to us is the strong operational discipline that exists on NonStop for always-available management of which other platforms only dream. That means Bigger, Stronger, Faster! But there are really only three critical success factors to keeping systems running: Process, process, and process. That is why we are here.

Savings comes from moving to workstation development.

Process is why we do what we do. Nexbridge started with a strong process focus, and our original services reflected that. We stayed with NonStop and build products around a significant gap in sound processes, that still exists – how do you build large-scale reliable production hardened applications using (now 2015) technology while reducing price-points? Everyone wants to save money, and that savings comes from moving to workstation development. Yet, the risks from inappropriate source-code visibility to deployment errors to simply a lack of technology presents challenges to NonStop. Solving that is also why we are here.

Whether you need products or OSS and workstation development services, we are here.

By adding SQL/MX Auto-Tune to our ECLIPSE suite, we have made SQL performance evaluation simple for C, C++, and Java developers, architects, and managers. Use it to evaluate how plans change over time or between different database; compare statement efficiencies; and try different performance options without having to modify your code.

Don’t forget our ECLIPSE Pathway Plug-In, which provides definition, management, and monitor of Pathway subsystems.

And for those heavily into the original NonStop DDL, our ECLIPSE DDL compiler allows you to preserve your investment and move into workstation development quickly and efficiently.

Please take a look at our product portfolio and the latest article in Connect on What Git Means to the NonStop Community.

Auto-Tune R1.4 Released

Welcome to 2015! Release 1.4 of the SQL/MX Auto-Tune plug-in has come out of our build machine and is now on the update site. We had to make a significant change to the plug-in extension point for this release, but since there are no production extenders, at this point anyway, the impact should be minimal. Please let us know if this is an issue and we can provide a backward compatible version. Note: We normally do not make incompatible interface changes, but this was a functional omission that needed to be corrected.

Connection sharing and profile management are significantly improved with this release and people are encouraged to upgrade.

Dictionary Attacks

Hi Everyone. We’re currently the target of a broad-based dictionary attack from Bots in Hong Kong and the United States, trying to crack our administrator account, as evidenced in our log files. Fortunately, our defence measures are holding and we are monitoring the situation closely. If you encounter any issues on our website, please let us know.

The ISP administrators at the source of these attacks have disabled their own support/abuse emails, so there is no way to stop them at the source. Whether or not this is deliberate is subject of speculation.

Website freeze is on!

The candidate website is now officially frozen pending DNS record deployment. Stay tuned! Randall will be posting our experiences under the Resources category once this adventure is completed and the new website is live.


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