NskDdl – DDL Compiler

NskDdl – NonStop DDL Compiler for ECLIPSE

Please be aware that sales for NskDdl have been temporarily suspended. The product compatibility with current versions of ECLIPSE has not been verified. We will continue to support existing customer installations.

Product Overview

Data Sheet

NskDdl by Nexbridge frees developers from the hassles of having to create and manage DDL dictionaries on NonStop servers. To do this, Nexbridge has created a workstation-based DDL compiler: NskDdl. Until now, developers had to upload and download files between workstations and the NonStop server to run DDL to generate definitions compatible with C, COBOL, pTAL, and Java. With NskDdl, developers can use any Java-compatible platform to perform most DDL functions. This capability virtually completely frees up the developer from the dependence on day-to-day interactions with DDL data dictionaries.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Familiar language syntax supporting the heritage DDL language.
  • C, COBOL, TAL, pTAL, FUP, and Ddl2java definition support.
  • Platform independent compiler.
  • No DDL dictionary or host connectivity required to run DDL compiles.
  • Workstation file name support so that the native file system structure can be leveraged to organize source and generated files.
  • Workstation/Guardian file name mapping supports workstation file name extensions without changes to the DDL source code.

Workstation compilers are not only faster than the NonStop-based compiler, but leverages the more readily available resources on developer workstations instead of overloading NonStop servers. Developers are now freer to experiment with DDL structures than ever before, without the fear of negatively impacting coworkers. NskDdl has other capabilities as well

Installation Instructions for NskDdl in ECLIPSE Juno:

  1. Start ECLIPSE
  2. Open the Help/Install New Software... menu
  3. Add an Update Site with the URL: https://www.nexbridge.com/Eclipse/Indigo.
  4. Open the site and select the NskDdl product under Development Tools.
  5. Click on Install.
  6. Don’t forget to request a license if you do not already have one.

NskDdl is a commercial product subject to license conditions. You must have a valid up-to-date and paid-for license to use NskDdl. Terms and conditions apply. NskDdl licenses are available either for workstation or by bulk licensing. For volume discounts, please contact your Nexbridge sales representative. To purchase a license, you must supply an Email address and valid MAC address on your workstation. This information will be used for licensing only. Once we have verified your purchase, we will send a license key to you via email.

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