ECLIPSE Products for NonStop

This section of the website is devoted to our contribution to the ECLIPSE ecosystem on NonStop. The history of Nexbridge and ECLIPSE on NonStop goes back to 2002 when we started building the Corona development facility, which was obsoleted by HP’s EPE and then NSDEE products. Since then, we have created a suite of complimentary products for this eco-system.

Our current ECLIPSE product suite includes:

The following are our update sites. Each site lists the plug-ins and versions that are currently available on that site.

Minimum ECLIPSE Update Site
Note: The version query is not supported on Safari.

The names represent the minimum supported version of ECLIPSE for plug-ins. For example, Helios plug-ins will run on Indigo, Juno, and Kepler, but Kepler plug-ins will not run on Indigo. Please see the ECLIPSE Support Notes for currently support versions and update site plans.

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