EGI Support

This page contains support information for the EGI product.


Installation Instructions for EGI in ECLIPSE. Note that there are slight differences in where Software Updates are located in different ECLIPSE versions:

  1. Start ECLIPSE
  2. Open the Help/Software Updates... menu
  3. Add an Update Site with the URL:
  4. Open the site and select the NskDdl product under Development Tools.
  5. Click on Install.
  6. Don’t forget to request a license if you do not already have one.

Known Issues

Case 591 – Documentation links error

Some of the pages in the class documentation generated by EGI result in error 404. This is caused by a recent change in how documentation is generated. This item is expected to be resolved in release 2.5 when documentation generation is centralized.
Case 600 – Update performance is slow
When updates are performed to some field names, the time taken to update all other related fields can appear to take time. This item is expected to be resolved in release 2.5.

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