INGOT/MVS – MVS Front-End for git

Nexbridge has ported our NSGit software to z/OS 2.3 for use with MVS. It is called Ingot/MVS, the MVS-aware front end for the massively popular git SCM product.

Contact us to bring your MVS platform into your standard DevOps environment.

Standard Features

Ingot/MVS includes support for features including:

  • git for MVS;
  • Simple fixed and variable text files;
  • Partition data sets;
  • Object files;
  • Binary file types and members;
  • File name mapping, so you can work with the same files with extensions in USS and ECLIPSE and without any in MVS;
  • Hierarchy mapping, so complex products can be managed across multiple groups within a hierarchy of folders in one or more git repositories.
  • MVS metadata support to allow fine-tuned control of critical attributes including block sizes and record lengths.
  • Release building and integrity control of object image folders for USS and MVS.
  • Full suport for the JGit engine as an alternative to standard git.
  • OEDIT integration for commits and merge messages (under development).
  • Object and Data File difference engine (under development)

Ingot/MVS is both a source management system, as you would expect from git, and a release management system that can help you build final installable release products that include MVS file system components in a truly distributed fashion.

Ingot/MVS has come very powerful capabilities to manage complex applications, including:

  • Automatic build script customization for each user/clone via full integration with git clean/smudge filters
  • Compatible with custom build and Make structures so you build only what you need to build.

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