Nexbridge seamlessly brings modern day DevOps to Legacy and Heritage Platforms. We provide front-end products to the git ecosystem in your native legacy environment.

There is some pretty big news coming in Summer 2021. Stay tuned for more.

How DevOps Benefits Your Enterprise

  • Improve Time-to-Market Feature Delivery
  • Maintain Regulatory and Best Practices Compliance
  • Reduce Software Defect Rates
  • Reduce Developer and Operator Workload

How We Help

Our flagship product is NSGit for GUARDIAN – a git front-end that enables management of content in the HPE NonStop GUARDIAN personality using the World-Renouned git SCM product directly from TACL.

Our latest offering is our new Ingot/MVS git front-end for the IBM z/OS MVS using TSO and ISPF.

We also provide migration services to preserve your existing software content, structure, and history, currently stored in older source code management systems so that you can integrate your assets into the rest of your enterprise.

Keep Your Existing Work Environment

Using our front-ends to git in your native environment that your staff knows and loves, existing development tools and facilities can continue to be used with little or no change.

Eliminate Silos

Manage all of your software assets on all of your platforms using one dashboard, with full visibility into the metrics, contents, and audit trails of all of your code.

Helping our customers implement DevOps technology on legacy platforms by integrating development and operations into the git ecosystem.



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Bringing DevOps to Legacy Platforms