Our Purpose

Our company brings life back to legacy software systems. Our mission is to become the leading DevOps voice in promoting visibility and management throughout the enterprise. We actively ensure that our methodologies help our customers remain relevant, vibrant, and effective, in any industry where change is rapid and competition is fierce.

Company Profile

Partnering with world-wide distributors and service providers, Nexbridge fulfills its corporate mission by offering products and services to help companies

  • Improve Time-to-Market Feature Delivery
  • Maintain Regulatory and Best Practices Compliance
  • Reduce Software Defect Rates
  • Reduce Developer and Operator Workload

We help our clients form sound and testable delivery processes in their enterprise by connecting them to the world-leading git DevOps ecosystem. We use mentoring and coaching of the clients personnel with the objective of self sufficiency in the DevOps ecosystems.

Nexbridge offers a very high level of practical experience, drive, leadership, integrity and most importantly, a fundamental understanding of the processes around dynamic system changes. Clients know that working with Nexbridge reduces their overall, long-term costs and risks to meet their own users’ and clients’ needs.


Nexbridge was founded in 1999, by Randall S. Becker, as a services company for strategic planning in high availability markets after co-developing an older approach version control product on Tandem Systems. We later expanded our consulting to include software development consulting in the HPE NonStop horizontal market, which allowed us to focus on the the Extremely Available Computing space. In 2003, we began developing products to support the emerging the ECLIPSE ecosystem for NonStop. By 2010 we engaged with the Open Source community, which led to our participation in git product support and development. Customer demand drove demand for our HPE NonStop NSGit and IBM z/OS Ingot/MVS products.

Bringing DevOps to Legacy Platforms