The NSGit ECLIPSE Plugin is now included with your NSGit license. All you need to get started is NSGit and request a license key for the plugin from mailto:license@comforte.com.

The NSGit ECLIPSE Plugin is a front-end to both git and NSGit where it allows you to synchronize your working branch in multiple repositories on different hosts. You can code on your workstation, see how the contents will map to GUARDIAN, then synchronize your branch on your NonStop server without having to worry about what files to transfer or where.

The plugin can also drive compiles and capture output so you don’t even have to touch the NonStop for most work efforts, if you like working in ECLIPSE.

We are also planning to have a similar capability for Ingot/MVS after that product is released.

For more information, contact us at mailto:sales@comforte.com.

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