NSGit Jenkins Plugin

Welcome to the NSGit Jenkins Plugin Page.

The NSGit Jenkins Plugin provides access to NSGit from within Jenkins Freestyle and Pipeline jobs. It works with the Git Plugin and the SSH Plugin to ensure that the correct version of code is deployed to build and production environments. You can use the NSGit Jenkins Plugin in both local and controller/agent Jenkins configurations.

Any command that you can run via NSGit can be run through the Jenkins Plugin to give you the flexibility you need.

Tip: the best build configuration we have found is to use the Git Plugin to update your OSS-side repository, then clear your GUARDIAN area and use the NSGit Clone command with the –resume-from-clone option to take over where the Git Plugin finishes. This gives you a clean working environment in which to build your product releases.

The page is current a work in progress, but the Plugin is definitely in production. We are currently looking for a good hosting solution for the plugin’s download. Pictures and features will come soon. In the mean time, you can download the NSGit-Jenkins-Plugin.hpi file using your login on the https://support.comforte.com website.

Please stay tuned.

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