NSGit – Git for GUARDIAN

Nexbridge is pleased to partner with comForte to announce the release 1.6 of NSGit, a GUARDIAN-aware front end for the massively popular git SCM product. This release includes support for both J-Series and L-series NonStop Servers.

News on the Jenkins Front!

Although NSGit has always been compatible with Jenkins, we are currently in Beta testing with our official NSGit-Jenkins plugin, that runs in both Local and Controller/Agent configurations. This means you can coordinate your NSGit-based application builds and deployments with  jobs on other systems.

We are currently building the Jenkins Page.

Newly Announced Features for 1.6.421

NSGit has a lot of new capabilities introduced since 1.6.300. These include:

  • Full suport for the JGit engine as an alternative to standard git.
  • Better EDIT/VS and TEDIT integration for commits and merge messages.
  • Extensions to the fsck command to provide more comprehensive metadata validations.
  • New map-tree command to show the GUARDIAN-to-git hierarchy and name mappings.

Standard Features

NSGit includes support for features including:

  • Unstructured file types, including code 101 and code 180 source files;
  • Unstructured object files, including code 100, code 700, code 800 object files, TACLSEGF files and more;
  • Structured file types, including DDL Dictionaries, Key-Sequenced files, Relative Files, and Entry-Sequenced files;
  • SCOBOL POBJ files, with separate versioning of individual program objects;
  • File name mapping, so you can work with the same files with extensions in OSS and NSDEE and without in GUARDIAN;
  • Hierarchy mapping, so complex products like BASE24 can be managed across multiple sub-volumes within a hierarchy of folders in one or more Git repositories.
  • GUARDIAN metadata support to allow fine-tuned control of critical attributes including extent sizes and alternate key file specifications.
  • Release building and integrity control of object image folders for OSS and GUARDIAN.

NSGit is both a source management system, as you would expect from git, and a release management system that can help you build final installable release products that include GUARDIAN file system components in a truly distributed fashion.

NSGit has come very powerful capabilities to manage BASE24 and other complex applications, including:

  • Integrated RPQ management processes.
  • Automatic build script customization for each user/clone
  • Compatible with ACIMAKE build structures so you build only what you need to build.

Current Versions

J-Series: 1.6.421.1

L-Series: 1.6.421.1

Purchasing Information

Nexbridge is pleased to partner with comForte for world-wide distribution and sales of NSGit products and services. Your local comForte representative can help you with licensing and purchasing arrangements. Email nsgit@comforte.com or contact comForte for more information.