ZLE: Are You Ready For Launch?

Related Corporate Summary: Managing ZLE implementations assuming change will happen is absolutely critical. Nexbridge has proven methodologies for ensuring that your implementation is effective. Contact us and let us show you how to make zero latency possible and effective rather than being potential disastrous for your reputation and a waste of resources.

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Randall Becker spoke on the critical business and technology factors for making the Zero Latency Enterprise (ZLE) a success at the Canadian Tandem User Group Conference on Thursday March 22, 2005. If you didn’t attend, we’re sorry you missed the chance to hear this speech. We’d be happy to come out and give this presentation to your company to help you position yourself to be productive for the new expectations in customer service.


This seminar addresses issues of launching and maintaining a Zero Latency Enterprise (ZLE), and the pitfalls of resting on an initially successful launch. The primary reason a company moves to a ZLE model is to more effectively server their customers – both internal and external, including ERP and e-Commerce. But in the sea of Change, the potentially daunting task of ZLE can either serve to energize or paralyze a corporation. Fortunately, there are islands of calm that can help make ZLE an ongoing success. The session presents what is required of the business of rolling out solutions, including: budgets, resources, and scheduling; business and technical processes of developing and deploying solutions into an already operating ZLE; and managing suppliers and vendors.

Randall Becker is CEO of Nexbridge Inc., a company specializing in product management consulting and change mentoring to the high-tech community. A related article, Are You Ready For The Zero Hour, discussed technical requirements for, the Zero Latency Enterprise and appeared in CIO Canada in the September 2000 issue.

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