Success Study: Sales Infusion Mentoring Company

The Client’s Profile

Our client was attempting to launch a new mentoring and coaching company targeted at radically improve their clients’ sales process. The founders had created a very effective selling methodology and were determined to bring their methodology to market in some form.

The Client’s Challenge

The key problem the client had was a lack of clarity on how to turn their methodology into set of saleable product and service offerings. They had looked at many different options but were unable to distill any option into a sustainable offering. We were engaged to help define the strategy for their product and service offerings.

Our Mandate

As part of achieving our client’s objectives, we were given the mandate to determine the most effective set of capabilities and offerings.

What We Did

In order to help our customer, Nexbridge:

  1. Identified the existing capabilities the founders wished to bring to market.
  2. Established the value of the capabilities to the founders and to their client base over the projected life-span of their company.
  3. Guided and mentored the founders into building an effective business strategy based on sensitivity to their clients own expectations.

End Conditions

When the company ultimately went to market, the form of the offering differed significantly from what was originally conceived. The offering has taken on a life of its own and nurtures its creators with new ideas and perspectives. We continue to act in partnership with Creative Discovery as reciprocal sounding boards for ideas and service offerings. Our relationship with this client continues to be one of mutual respect and collaboration.

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  1. It has many years since we have worked with Creative Discovery, but continue to wish them great success.

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