What a Typical Project Looks Like

This page outlines the basic services we provide to our clients throughout typical large-scale projects. Some of these phases are optional.

Client Assessment and Discovery Phase

The Client Assessment and Discovery phases allow us to work with you to determine the nature of the gap.

Scenario and Strategic Planning

The Scenario and Strategic Planning phase is an ongoing process of translating your business plans into product plans by building and managing business scenarios.

Information Session

The Information Session phase bring groups together to identity and determine action plans based on the identified gaps. The number of sessions usually depends on the magnitude of the gaps, size of the teams and the scale of the organization’s interaction with the information technology division(s).

Development Coaching

The Development Coaching phase involves change and development methodology seminars and training sessions. The number of sessions depends on the technology involved and its applicability to change preparedness.

Documentation and Communication

The Documentation and Communication phase involves documentation methodology. The sessions focus on supporting lines of communication through effective practices involving: documentation; electronic mail; Intranet information dissemination; and other emerging technologies and processes.

Architecture and Design Mentoring

The Architecture and Design Mentoring Sessions phase involves working with the information technology staff to review and determine effective adaptations to software architectures and designs to facilitate flexibility and change adaptability in software.

Business Process Revision

The Business Process Revision phase involves working with various parts of the organization for the purposes of: adopting a flexible process for product and service delivery; building a dynamic quality assurance process; building responsive production and problem support environments; and establishing effective information channels.