Success Study: Multi-platform Stock Trading Company

The Client’s Profile

Our client’s development group was charged with the development, deployment, and support of their multi-platform, high-performance stock trading application. Part of their responsibility was to support a minimum of seven independent operating copies of the application (including hardware and software) for three of their clients. Each of the copies of the application needed to be configured with significant differences in size, structure, and functionality.

The Client’s Challenge

As part of remaining competitive and to meet their client’s contracted requirements and expectations, our client had to deliver new functions and defect corrections monthly. We were engaged to improve their deployment process with the aim of reducing resource requirements and the time to market.

Our Mandate

As part of achieving our client’s objectives, we were given the mandate to move the perception of the company, starting from within our client’s development group, from being viewed a custom development shop to a general software products company. To accomplish this, we were charged with:

  1. Analyzing their current processes and procedures
  2. Identifying and documenting the major causes of deployment delays and errors
  3. Making recommendations on improvements to processes and procedures
  4. Identifying, defining, and documenting requirements to allow application deployment into new and existing environment to be carried out rapidly, consistently, and correctly
  5. Integrating development tasks, library management policies and testing procedures into a single, consistent set of cooperating procedures.

The Key Benefits Our Client Received

In order to help our customer, Nexbridge:

  1. Identified and remedied the root causes of delays and most common errors.
  2. Worked with our client to reduce the deployment time from the typical 2 to 3 weeks down to an average of 1 day for the creating and deployment of new application environment. After the client became proficient, through our training, mentoring and guidance, they achieved a sustainable deployment time of one half day.
  3. Directed and were the primary participants in the redevelopment of infrastructure to manage the configuration of our client’s software product and hardware environments. This redevelopment involved the creation of configuration architecture and documentation procedures that position the company to more rapidly incorporate changes into any environment. This also included a complete reorganization of the client’s software code library system.
  4. Built and deployed infrastructure to enable the automation of the creation of new application environments.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the key benefits:

  1. Training material was developed and training delivered to all areas within the development group
  2. Training was also delivered to our client’s operations and operation support groups as well as their customers’ operations support groups.
  3. Documentation for support of infrastructure elements was created and delivered. Part of the reduction of the time to market involved our creation of automated documentation technology to reduce resource requirements.

End Conditions

Once our services were completed, the client was entirely self-sufficient in being able to maintain and sustain the improved productivity and reduced time to market.

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