Success Study: Massive Performance for Financial Switch Ported to NonStop

The Client’s Profile

Our client is an international corporation who has a mature and well adopted financial switch in the UNIX/Oracle space. They have over one hundred financial customers.

The Client’s Challenge

As Indestructibility and Continuous Availability requirements become more desirable, our client wanted to port their code to the HP NonStop™ platform. Their challenge was to have their system perform better than it has on other platforms. We were engaged to make recommendations on how to improve the code and to augment their porting effort.

Our Mandate

As part of achieving our client’s objectives, we were given the mandate to fine-tune their code, practices, SQL structures, and application management framework. Also, we were engaged to make recommendations on design changes for porting code to the NonStop architecture.

The Key Benefits Our Client Received

In order to help our customer, Nexbridge contributed in the following ways:

  1. Using our indestructible architecture constructs, we helped move their code to the NonStop TS/MP environment, with online code update capabilities.
  2. Migrated to SQL/MX 3.2.1 to support large tables and higher performance.
  3. Reduced the number of system transactions to match actual business transactions, thereby reducing transaction times and massively increasing capacity.
  4. Leveraging new technology available in the IP CLIM, we build the ability to preserve socket connections across failures.
  5. Revised their code to function at an unprecedented business transaction rate.
  6. Acted as guides for their technology plans.
  7. Conducted a benchmark to demonstrate the new speed and capabilities of their application and to enable the publication of their results.

End Conditions

Once our services were completed, the client had the fastest, reliable, hot-upgrade capable, and most cost effective financial switch available with over 6000 TPS performance levels.  Their success is documented on the  BPC Banking Technologies website. We are honoured to have played a part in this historic and ground-breaking project. We are also honoured to continue our association with this client.

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